Big Skinny


Big Skinny wallets solve the top 5 wallet problems. They are ultra-thin, flat, and small because we use proprietary ultra-thin (but sturdy) nylon micro-fiber wallet material which does all the work separating your cards and cash rather than thick leather like regular wallets.

Each wallet is designed to organize and fit all of your plastic cards, cash and everything else without having to give up any card or cash pockets, or forcing you to use unconventional wallet designs. You don't need to give up any functionality nor do you have to leave any of our stuff at home--they look like regular wallets but they perform 50% better. This is an ultra-thin wallet that fits everything you have yet decreases final wallet size by 50% or more depending on the style. When you swap your layers of thick leather for this skinny nylon, your wallet goes on a diet but all your stuff stays the same because the skinny layers do all the work coupled with the novel design elements.