How Safe Are You Traveling?

13th Jan 2019

I don't know about you, but I love to travel. Traveling (and even every day living sometimes) can feel really unsafe sometimes though, right? Especially when you're literally carrying your identity and important items in your pocket, on your shoulder, or on your back. 

You should be able to travel and live your day-to-day life knowing that your items are protected. By now, I'm sure you've at least heard of Radio Frequency Identification or RFID. If you haven't, many credit cards as well as passport cards now contain RFID chips which people can read with nifty machines to gather your sensitive information. Many travel items now have RFID protection in the form of metal mesh which does not allow the signal from your cards and passport card to leave your purse or wallet. This is the bare minimum in travel safety in handbags, wallets, and accessories nowadays.

I think that RFID is great. Better safe than sorry, right? Today, though I want to tell you about anti-theft handbags which many people confuse for RFID. Anti-theft handbags, however do so much more than just protect you from identity theft. 

Anti-theft handbags have features such as:

Metal wiring throughout the handles to protect from cutting

Slash-proof metal throughout the bag itself

Locking zippers 

RFID protection for passport and credit cards

Some even have:


And locks on the handle to lock onto patio chairs, railings, and the loop of your pants.

I highly recommend the Anti-Theft Baggallini Slim Crossbody, but there are so many other anti-theft handbags currently on the market that make traveling and even day to day life safer so you can enjoy the ride and breathe just a little easier.