Hedgren began designing bags in 1993 with one simple philosophy in mind: make bags that serve the functional needs of everyday life, and make them look good while doing it. That general approach is still fundamental to what Hedgren stands for today, but over the years they've grown to realize that functionality isn’t determined by the number of compartments, or pockets, or zippers a bag has. Functionality is defined by the experience someone has while using our bags.

It’s because of this understanding that they've evolved to do more than make a functional bag that looks good, or a stylish bag with a few functional features. Their goal is simply to make a bag that instantly becomes your favorite. The bag you use day-in and day-out because it holds everything you need, right where you need it. The bag that expresses your unique sense of style without sacrificing your want for a bit of organization. The one bag you just can’t live without.

Hedgren aims to create your favourite bag, a companion for every day.